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About Us


We are a family owned Restaurant, estabished in December 2019, right before the world as we knew it changed. And now, we started all over again in a different environment and always keeping in mind as a priority the safety of you, your family, and all our employees.

We offer delicious authentic Italian Cuisine. Everything that our Italian restaurant have for you is designed, created and made by our in-house chef. Our chef has over 20 years of experience providing mouth watering dishes. When you are looking for a restaurant with top of the like food and an outdoor quiet atmosphere look no further. Stop by today and grab a bite to eat!


After some nice walking day in the Washington Mall, we decided to eat dinner on our way home. With several choices to select from on all over DC, we knew that most would be full on a Saturday night. We decided to eat at the Ossobuco Ristorante looking for some good Italian food.The meals were accompanied with a basket of fresh made Garlic Bread. For dessert, we enjoyed the Tiramisu clásico and Chocolate Cake. The night was truly enjoyable.

Andrea Chung

Italian Food Lover

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